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Steak and Baguette

Restaurant & Bar

Est. 2022

A Contemporary and Casual Steakhouse

Welcome to Moonlight! Moonlight creates the perfect ambiance, fusion, and low key to moderate atmosphere.  Moonlight is a modern steak house located in the heart of Glenwood Springs, CO.

To us, Moonlight is seen to be the perfect setting for a casual or romantic night out.  We believe that dining under the moonlight is symbolic of one's innermost self.  It is said that under the blue moonlight people discover who they are. To create this exact experience, we create an ambiance based on the unique and custom wall decor, by dimming the lights, offering live acoustic and classical music, and by creating a very customer-focused and friendly environment with a trendy and moderately priced menu


A Fresh and
Seasonal Cuisine

We serve top quality steaks; we believe in supporting our local farms, distilleries and wineries. Rest assured, we carefully created the perfect drink pairing for our delectable dishes. We are certain that whatever you are looking for in your dining experience Moonlight is the place for you. We are so happy to create the perfect evening for you.

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