About Us

Restaurant at Night

Our Story

 12 years ago, both Jorge Ochoa and Thea Robosean decided that their passion for food and the hospitality industry was something they wanted to share with people; they just didn’t quite know what this would look like. After years of soul searching, they decided that the only way to show others around them what their love for food looked like, would have to be centered on the moon light, as the moon light captures the image of what they perceive to be the perfect evening. 

Welcome to MoonLight! MoonLight creates the perfect ambiance, fusion, and romantic escape.  MoonLight is a modern steak house located in the heart of Glenwood Springs, CO. To us, Moon Light is seen to be the perfect romantic setting.  We believe that dining under the moonlight is symbolic of one's innermost self.  It is said that under the blue moonlight people discover who they are. To create this exact experience, we create an ambiance dimming the lights and creating a very intimate experience.

We serve top quality steaks; we believe in supporting our local farms, distilleries and wineries. Rest assured, we carefully created the perfect drink pairing for our delectable dishes. We are certain that whatever you are looking for in your dining experience Moonlight is the place for you. We are so happy to create the perfect evening for you.

Our Kitchen

It is no secret that the kitchen acts as the command center of any restaurant. This is the environment where food gets prepped, cooked, and plated before being served to customers. Here at Moonlight, our spacious kitchen has been carefully designed, and we can reassure you that it's staff can consistently deliver hot and fresh meals daily.